Norwich Park history

Although currently happy with life in Mount Gambier William never left Port Adelaide behind. On July 7 1893 on Page 1 of the ‘Port Adelaide News’ and ‘Lefevres Peninsula Advertiser’ it was announced that Mr W Marston was building a new shop on the corner of Grand Junction and Canning Road, Rosewater. In 1894 an ad in the ‘Port Adelaide News’ shows that both of his grocery stores were operational. Products included New Zealand Oatmeal, Prime dried Apples and Prunes and a special line of very superior Renmark Raisins.

In March 1895 William announced that he was moving the family back to Adelaide. The announcement was publicised on the 15th via the SA register “Mr W Marston, who is leaving here, was on Tuesday evening given a farewell social by the members of the Wesleyan Christian Endeavour Society.  The proceedings were pleasant. Mr Marston has been since the founding of the Society one of its best supporters”.  The Adelaide Observer picked up the story on the 16th extending the report “The Chairman and several of the leading church workers spoke highly of Mr Marston’s services to the residents here, and all expressed regret at the approaching departure of him and his family”. The Chairman presented Mr Marston was a massive and elegantly designed ink and an enlarged portrait in frame of Mrs Marston.

A clearing sale was announced in The Border Watch on 6 March 1895.  The sale was held at 2 o’clock on the Wednesday on the premises Norwich Park in which well kept household furniture and effects were auctioned. Some of the effects sold included a “Splendid Piano, Handmade Brussels Carpet, 8 Whatnots, Horsehair Suite, Olegraphs, 27 Sheep and a host of sundries too numerous too particularise”.

Even after leaving the area William was listed as a produce dealer in Mount Gambier. In 1897 according to the SA Register, William Marston moved into a new premises on the corner of Lipson Street and Grand Junction, Rosewater opposite the railway station. The article reads that ” The main shop window open onto this street and with its mirrored end facilitates a fine display of goods which a grocer well up to his business knows how to set the best advantage.  In the Lipson street side of the premises is a large produce window, where consignments of dairy commodities obtained from Mount Gambier will be temptingly arranged” William returned to Port Adelaide managing the Vincent Street grocery store.  This was later managed by Frederick Charles Marston in 1898 and on Williams retirement a Mr S C Marston his brother.

It is understood that William and Jessie built one fo the first houses in Victoria Avenue, Unley Park.  Jessie and William celebrated their golden wedding anniversary in 1925. William died on the 2nd October 1937 at the age of 85.

It is such an honour to share the history of Norwich Park and we are grateful to Peter Berkefield for his knowledge and research. If you have anything else to share about William and his family we would love to hear from you.  

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