Enhancing your solar power

Do you have Solar Panels on your home? Are you tired of producing electricity throughout the day and purchasing back form the grid at night?

If your answer is yes, Naralila Homes can assist with establishing your solar system during your build including the latest battery storage technology. The attached image shows that a combination of solar panels and battery storage can bring your imported energy from the grid to a minimal amount and maximises what you can export. (Example based upon a 3.4kw system) The high-performance energy storage solution brings you more intelligence and better value, with the industry’s lowest cost of entry and best lifetime value. It pairs seamlessly with Enphase microinverters and other solar technologies to help you make the most of your energy.

While solar production peaks during midday, energy consumption is highest in the morning and evening. With storage, you can save the energy you produce for when you need it most. Policies have helped to make it a good deal for homeowners to sell excess solar energy back to their utilities, although the terms are constantly changing. With some incentives disappearing, many homeowners find it makes more financial sense to store their extra energy and use it themselves.

The Liberal government have announced their intention to deliver cheaper and more reliable energy for SA. This includes a $100 million Household Storage Subsidy Scheme. This proves that battery storage is the solution for the future. For more information on how a system like Enphase can work for you please contact us.

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