Meet the team

Cathy is the very lovely wife of our principal builder Justin Lunnay. Cathy and Justin are high school sweethearts after meeting at the young age of 13.

As a full time RIS Quality Assurance Officer for Benson Radiology and a volunteer Board Member for the WIBRD, Cathy is a very busy member of our team.  She enjoys community work involving local charities and schools. Her strengths are in marketing, strategic planning and administration.

In her down time (if there is any) she enjoys reading and photography.  Her children are always being encouraged to look into the camera in her efforts to capture every moment with her family. Her philisophy in life is “to always find the silver lining”.  She does not give up and is always here to help the team and our clients.

You may not see her on the building site although you are guaranteed that she is somewhere sitting behind a computer ensuring that our brand and the Naralilla Homes legacy lives on for many years to come.

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April 10, 2019 at 9:33 pm, Kaye Main said:

Oh boy! Sooo busy.
Well done Cathy. Good to hear you do get some down time.
Keep up the great work together.


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